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2 1/4 lb. choice ground beef patties
1 oz. American, Blue or Cheddar cheese (or about 2 slices of your favorite cheese)
1 fresh sliced hamburger bun
2 round slices of dill pickle
salt & pepper to taste
1. Make two round patties about 1/4" thick
2. Place cheese on top of one raw patty
3. Place 2nd patty atop the cheese and the lower patty
4. Pinch ground beef all around the edges of top and bottom- so cheese is completely enclosed
5. Place patty into a hot frying pan. Salt and pepper top of patty to suit you taste
6. Fry about 4 1/2 minutes on each side for medium done burger (More OR Less to suit you)
7. Toast or grill bun if preferred - and lay two slices of dill pickle on top of bottom bun
8. Place hot burger atop the pickled bottom bun and place top bun on burger
8. Serve - and - if preferred, slice in half at serving time to display the hot melted cheese

Be careful - this filling will be hot ........ MAKES ONE JUICY LUCY BURGER

Courtesy of: 5-8 Club Minneapolis

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